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Hiking Resources

  1. Weather Forecasts
  2. Current Trail Conditions
  3. Snow Depth
  4. Access Road Closures
  5. Trail Maps
  6. Trail Guides
  7. Hiker Safety
  8. Acronyms
  9. Magazine Articles
  10. Lyme Disease Caution

Weather Forecasts:

Before you hike, check the weather forecast for a city close to where your mountain is located!
Click on a city below to get links to weather forecast services for that area.

weather map nashua concord laconia lincoln gorham pittsburg lebanon keene bennington rutland montpelier newport stratton greenville millinocket barharbor

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Current Trail Conditions:

  1. New England Trail Conditions -- A well-organized website (by Jeremy Clark) where
    fellow hikers post current hiking trail conditions, especially helpful in winter.
  2. Views From The Top -- Another website where hikers post current trail conditions.
  3. Rocks on Top -- Yet another website where hikers post current trail conditions.
  4. Trails NH -- Combines recent trail condition reports from multiple sources,
    including New England Trail Conditions, Views From The Top and Rocks on Top.

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Snow Depth:

  1. NOAA Interactive Snow Information -- Tells how much snow is on the ground
    (adjust "Select Date" on left, then click "Redraw Map").

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Access Road Closures:

  1. WMNF Forest Road Status -- Official status (closed or open) of access roads
    in the White Mountain National Forest.
  2. GNW Road Network and Closures -- Official status (closed or open) of access roads
    in the Great North Woods (way north NH).

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Trail Maps:

  1. Map Adventures -- Their White Mountains Trail Map gives the "big picture",
    showing most of the White Mountain trails on a single map.
    This map is a superb reference for choosing a new mountain to hike.
  2. DeLorme -- The DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer Series covers every state in the USA.
    These detailed road and topographic maps are great for accessing remote trailheads.
  3. Wonalancet Out Door Club -- The WODC publishes a fine Tyvek map
    of the Sandwich Range.
  4. Squam Lakes Association -- The SLA publishes a Squam Trail Map
    covering easy hikes in the region.
  5. Green Hills Preserve -- The Nature Conservancy publishes a trail map
    of the Green Hills Preserve (near North Conway).
  6. Belknap County Sportsmens Association -- This group maintains a list of 12 peaks
    in the Belknap Range, with pointers to sources for two excellent hiking maps
    (by Dave Roberts) of the Belknap Range and Ossipee Range.
  7. MapMart -- A source for buying digitized topographic maps
    (from the U.S. Geological Survey), useful for finding trailless peaks.
  8. ACME Mapper -- A source for free (low resolution) digitized topographic maps.
  9. NH topo maps -- A new (free) resource provided by the NH Fish and Game Department.

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Trail Guides:

  1. Appalachian Mountain Club -- The AMC is the primary source for trail guides for
    mountains in New Hampshire and Maine. Their guide books are the recognized
    standard for the area. Included paper trail maps are accurately drawn (via GPS).
    AMC sells waterproof (Tyvek) versions of the trail maps separately.
  2. Randolph Mountain Club -- The RMC publishes the guidebook Randolph Paths
    covering the Northern Presidentials, with an included Tyvek map.
  3. Dartmouth Outing Club -- The DOC publishes the Dartmouth Outing Guide,
    which includes Mt. Cube, Smarts Mtn. and Mt. Moosilauke.
  4. Friends of the Wapack -- This group publishes the Wapack Trail Guide
    of easy hikes in southern New Hampshire.
  5. Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail Club -- This group publishes the
    Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail Guide of easy hikes in southern New Hampshire.
  6. Sunapee-Ragged-Kearsarge Greenway Coalition -- This group publishes the
    SRKG Trail Guide of easy hikes in the Lake Sunapee area.
  7. Appalachian Trail Conservancy -- The ATC publishes trail guides for those areas
    where the AT crosses Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.
  8. Green Mountain Club -- The GMC is the primary source for trail guides
    and maps for the mountains of Vermont.
  9. Huntington Graphics -- This company publishes mountain-hiking guides for Vermont.
  10. The Mountain Wanderer -- This Lincoln, NH, bookstore is loaded with mountain-hiking
    resources, including hardcopy USGS topo maps of NH.
  11. Bob & Geri's Adventures -- Detailed directions for bushwhack hikes
    on the New England 100 Highest list.
  12. Hiking Guide -- Excellent New England hike trip reports
    and photos (by Jeremy Clark).
  13. -- Comprehensive worldwide mountain hiking website!
    Includes good coverage for New Hampshire.
  14. Ted's Favorite Hikes in Southern New Hampshire by Ted Bonner --
    Available in print from Yankee Farmer, Greenfield, NH (603-547-6421).

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Hiker Safety:

  1. The 10 essentials for a safe and pleasant hike -- excellent safety info from AMC
  2. Hiker's checklist -- gear suggestions from AMC
  3. Hiking with Kids -- What to Bring
  4. "To the Owner of This Book" introductory chapter in the AMC White Mountain Guide.
  5. Accounts of bad experiences:
        - Mountain Rescue
        - Life-Threatening Weather
        - Death on Mt. Monadnock
  6. A White Mountains rescue cost $10,000

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