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directions to Foss Mountain


In eastern NH, near the Maine border
Southeast of the town of Eaton Center, NH

Driving (one way from Nashua, NH):

Distance: 120 miles
Time: 2 hours 50 minutes
Parking: at roadside parking lot
Drive Route: Drive to Foss Mountain
 - Everett Turnpike north
 - Route 93 north to Exit 23
 - Route 104 east (for 8.3 miles)
 - Route 3 north (for 0.9 miles)
 - Route 25 east (for 34 miles)
 - Route 153 north (for 10 miles)
 - Brownfield Road east (for 1.6 miles)
 - Bull Pasture Road south (for 1.2 miles)
 - Stewart Road west (for 0.3 miles)
 - Foss Mountain Road south (for 1.9 miles)

Hiking (round trip):

Distance: 3/4 mile
Time: 30 minutes
Trail: unnamed trail up through blueberry fields
Online Trail Guide: FranklinSites
Trail Map: Foss Mountain blueberry picking map

Hiking (one way, up to the summit):

Distance: 1/3 mile
Vertical: 250 feet
Time: 15 minutes


Dome summit with excellent panoramic view
Height: 1647 feet

Winter Accessibility:

Access road (Foss Mountain Road) may be partially
    closed in winter, increasing hike length.