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directions to Deerfield Fair


East of Manchester, NH
In the town of Deerfield, NH

Entrance Fee:

Deerfield Fair is a commercial enterprise
    that charges an entrance fee.

Driving (one way from Nashua, NH):

Distance: 30 miles
Time: 40 minutes
Parking: at fairgrounds parking lot
If you use a car GPS, here are the parking
    coordinates (in degrees and minutes):
    N 43 05.971
   W 71 14.527
Drive Route: Drive to Deerfield Fair
 - Everett Turnpike north
 - Route 101 east to Exit 3
 - Route 43 north (for 6.0 miles)

Hiking (round trip):

Distance: 1 mile (or more)
(Note: unless you come at an off time or have
    a handicap-parking permit, it's quite a walk
    just from the parking lot!)
Time: 2 hours (or more)
Trail: paths through the fairgrounds
Trail Map: available at the entrance
Website: Deerfield Fair

Nature Walk:

Level paths

Winter Accessibility:

Deerfield Fair is only open for
    one week in early fall.